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Israeli soldier stands in a field with Flag of Israel in the blooming desert. Concept Jewi

Our Why


In the battle for Israel’s survival, the media is a major front. The ways in which Israel is portrayed on television, radio, and, above all, on the Web, directly impacts the time and space available for the IDF to fight. No one understands this better than Israel’s enemies. Hamas and Hezbollah know that they cannot destroy us, but they can delegitimize us and deny us the right to defend ourselves. The current war is no exception, with charges of war crimes and genocide hurled at Israel before we fired the first shot. Such accusations trigger public protests which, in turn, pressure foreign governments to seek a ceasefire. This will allow the terrorists to get away with mass murder. Israel will not be able to restore its internal security or its regional deterrence. Our enemies can attack us with impunity knowing that the international community will always tie our hands. 

Many organizations are now addressing this threat, but none can bring to bear the expertise and global scope of the Israel Advocacy Group. Staffed by experts, IAG aims to reach tens of millions of people, and thousands of influencers, worldwide. IAG funds daily television and podcast appearances, frequent op-ed and Substack/newsletter articles, original video clips, press interviews, background briefings, and lectures both in person and via zoom. IAG generates pro-Israel discussions among the “silent majority” which is neither for or against the Jewish state.  With widely acknowledged credibility and deep-seeded knowledge, IAG advocates for Israel and the Jewish people. It thwarts our enemies’ efforts to delegitimize us and provides time and space for the IDF to do its crucial job.


IAG was founded by Ambassador Michael Oren. A bestselling and award-winning historian of the Middle East, with fifty years’ experience in public diplomacy, in government and the military, and sought after commentator in the media, Dr. Oren is an internationally recognized authority on Israel. During this most fateful juncture in our history, Ambassador Oren is calling on all who care about and love Israel to make IAG a force for safeguarding its future. Join the fight for Israel’s right to exist.

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